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Fides Health?

Fides Health International is a global medical tourism organisation which promises the highest standards in the field of medical therapy in Turkey by combining the most efficent treatment modality and the cheapest cost options for the patients around the world. Fides Health is an assistant model medical tourism company with its professional, strong and experienced staff.

Why Fides Health?

There are over hundred special selected hospitals under the Fides Health’s roof. This hospital network is selected by Fides Health’s 10-year professional health team taking the patients’ point of view into account.

Your Assurance

Fides Health chooses the doctor and the hospital for the patients to take the most accurate and also the best service by having full knowledge of the illness process. Fides Health provides a pre-interview with the doctor chosen according to patient’s illness. It assures the most affordable price for the surgery and treatment in Turkey.

Your Comfort

We are aware of the difficulties of taking medical care in another country and foreign culture. For this reason we accompany our patients in order to make them feel like they are at their ‘‘home’’ and they are not alone at all in every stage of their treatment. We assure safe and stres-free medical travel with Fides Health.

Your health is very important.

It is never entrusted to non-accredited institutions

Main Branches


In several complaints such as general surgery, neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgery, bariatric surgery, aesthetic and plastic surgery…


The illness is a result of uncontrolled cell proliferation accompanied by impaired function of the organ or system. When viewed from this aspect, it varies in its diagnosis, treatment and proceeding.


From heart transplantation to kidney transplantation or even from bone marrow transplantation to corneal transplantation...

In Vitro Fertilization

It is the treatment which is administered in case of infertility also called fertility treatment.


Hüseyin Çağlayan Sok. No:27/1 Karşıyaka / İzmir


0 850 210 56 44



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