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Patient Rights Unit

Because of the vital need for health services, the rights and responsibilities of individuals are undeniable. We respect all the rights of all patients and their relatives who come to our hospital during the period of our service. TS We have endeavored to inform our patients of their rights and responsibilities that they have to fulfill when receiving services through this information, prepared in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s regulation on the rights of patients.

Patient rights

This is, in general, the protection of the rights of a person requesting medical assistance and applying to a medical institution for this purpose, which is subject to international and national legislation in the entire process of service provided to him / her in this medical institution. Patient rights are aimed at protecting people’s health at a high level and providing high-quality medical services.

The right to use the services:

All patients admitted to our hospital are entitled to all services regardless of language, religion, race or sect. Our patients are entitled to receive preventive and therapeutic medical services necessary to maintain health in their lives.

Right to information and request for information:

Our patients have the right to receive information about their state of health, as well as about the available medical services and how they can use it, as well as see and receive documents about themselves and their diseases.

Right to Consent and Approval:

Once our patients have received relevant information, they have the right to accept, refuse or ask to stop the proposed treatment.

The right to choose and replace a medical facility and its personnel:

Our patients have the right to choose and change the method of diagnosis and treatment, as well as the doctors, nurses and other medical personnel responsible for their treatment.

Right to privacy and confidentiality:

Our patients have the right to demand the confidentiality of their personal information, health conditions, diagnostic and treatment processes, or the content of their private visits. As long as there is no medical need for this and the patient does not give

permissions, information about his / her personal and family life will not be shared with other people for any reason.

Our patients have the right to refuse to speak or see people who are not directly related to their treatment, including visitors.

Our patients have all the information obtained at the stage of diagnosis and treatment, even in the event of death, it must be protected. This information is disclosed to the relevant authorities only with the explicit permission of the patient or his successors or by a court order.

Right to respect:

Our patients and their families are entitled to receive medical care in a friendly, courteous, compassionate and clean modern environment.

The right to exercise religious office:

Our patients have the right to fulfill their religious obligations as long as health care facilities and treatment do not interfere.

As far as possible, the patient or his authorized representative has the right to involve a clergyman for preaching and prayer in accordance with the patient’s religious needs.

Right to visit and be accompanied:

Our patients have the right to receive visitors and accompany them in accordance with the procedures and principles established by our hospital.

Security right:

Our patients are entitled to the protection of life and property, safety and protection from health risks and medical errors.

Right to consultation and second opinion:

If our patients take on responsibilities, they have the right to receive information about their health status from another doctor working in the same department, other than a doctor who is interested in their treatment, or to ask for a consultation with a specialist from another department.

Right to report a complaint / opinion and proposal:

Our patients have the right to initiate, verify, refine and inform the complaint mechanism in case of violation of their rights.


Responsibilities of the patient

It can be described as the duties and obligations that the patient must fulfill before and after going to the health care facility.

Our patients have a responsibility to make every effort to take care of their health and follow the guidelines for a healthy life.
A person can donate blood or donate organs as needed.
In simple cases, people are responsible for providing their own help.
Our patients are responsible for keeping them informed of health, welfare and personal information changes in a timely manner.
Our patients are responsible for informing about their complaints, previous illnesses, regardless of whether they received any inpatient treatment or not, if any, the drugs they use and all information about their state of health.
Our patients are responsible for adhering to the rules and practices of the healthcare facility they apply.
Our patients are responsible for adhering to the referral scheme established by the Ministry of Health and other social welfare agencies.
Responsible for collaborating with healthcare professionals during the treatment, care and rehabilitation of our patients.
Our patients are responsible for paying the costs of examination and treatment.
If our patients benefit from a healthcare provider, they are
responsibility for observing the date and time of admission and informing about the place of changes.
Our patients are responsible for respecting the rights of hospital staff, other patients and visitors.
Our patients are responsible for indemnifying the damage caused to the hospital materials.
Our patients have a responsibility to listen carefully to treatment and treatment recommendations and to ask places they cannot understand.
If the recommendations regarding the treatment of our patients are not followed, he is responsible for informing the medical professional about this.
Our patients are responsible for making sure they understand the post-discharge health and care plan correctly as expected.
Our patients are responsible for the consequences of refusing treatment or not following recommendations.