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1- How does a patient reach Fides Health International?

Patients can reach Fides Health International;

* Via its internet site,

* By phone or via mail to patient relations representative of Fides Health International,

* Via the representatives/offices of Fides Health International in their countries.


2- Treatment Planning Process

If our patients want to come in operation planning process, it will make us happy to plan the treatment process together. Only when our patients send us all their medical information and examination results will we prepare treatment plans of the specialists for the related patients and share with them.

Patients have an opportunity to rapidly access the medical assessments of the physicians the best in their field thanks to Fides Health International. Patients’ condition is evaluated within 24 hours and they are replied.

Patients access all the information about all the centers where they can be treated and thus, they can make comparison.

Patients are informed of all medical technologies to be used in the treatment and can make comparison.

Patients reach all alternative price options for their treatments and make comparison, and can choose the best option for their budget.


3- Arriving to Turkey

* Flight tickets are bought by Fides Health International or the patient depending on the patient’s desire.

* If the patient’s health is not convenient for air travel, patients are taken from where they are with air ambulance by Fides Health International.

* If the patients are required to stay at a hotel before or during the treatment, their hotel reservations are made by Fides Health International upon their request.

* Fides Health International has contracted hotels near the hospitals all over Turkey. Patients can choose the hotels they want from the alternatives according to the their budget.

* Patients are welcomed by Fides Health International patient representative when they arrive in Turkey in the airport and their transfer to the hotel or the hospital is provided.

* Patients are provided with a phone line that they will use during their treatment.


4- Treatment process

Treatments are made in the JCI certificated hospitals where high medical technology and doctors the best in their field are available.

◦              On the treatment day, transfer of the patients to the hospital is made from the hotel or the airport by Fides Health International.

Patients do not have any communication problem thanks to the Fides Health International assistants who accompany them and speak the same language with the patient. Fides Health International is 7/24 with the patients.

Every stage of the treatment is followed by Fides Health International doctors.


5- Departure From Turkey

Fides Health International performs all the necessary organizations for the departure of the patient during the discharge from the hospital. Patients are informed of their control dates and post-operative care before leaving the hospital. Patients’ transfer to airport is made free of charge. If desired by the patient, touristic trips paid by the patient are organized by Fides Health International.


6- After Treatment

Patients can contact the Fides Health International at any time after they return to their country for post-treatment care. The doctors in the Fides Health International,s offices in the related countries follow the post-treatment care process of the patients.

You do not have to search the hospital for your disease, treatment options and price alternatives by yourself. Fides Health International performs all the researches for you and shares all the alternatives with you.

All the treatment processes of the patients are followed by Fides Health International team and Fides Health International doctors and the patients and patients’ relatives are regularly informed.